When to Replace Door Locks

A well-maintained door lock allows you and your family to be safe and away from potential dangers such as burglars and intruders. If your locks are faulty or broken, don’t expect them to secure your loved ones and belongings. Fortunately, you can always fix a damaged lock before it become a more serious issue. Below we will show you when to replace your door locks that will enable you to avoid costly calls to professionals. Let’s get into the details, shall we?

Wear and tear

You want to replace worn or rusted locks as they will not protect you and your property. Worn out locks tend to break and pick easily, making it easier and quicker for thieves to break into your home. If you notice that your locks have severe rust or signs of wear, it would be the best choice to get them replaced as soon as possible. Replacing worn locks immediately allows you to avoid malfunction that could cause bigger issues.

Stolen or lost keys

You should urgently replace your keys if they are lost or stolen. Find out which keys you misplaced, and don’t hesitate to get a new one immediately. After all, you don’t know who has your keys. It’s better to be safe than sorry. The faster you get a replacement, the better. Just make sure not to lose or forget your keys again to avoid calling expensive professionals at an inconvenient time.

After a break-in

Intruders and burglars will do their best just to break into your door. This may include picking your lock or breaking it completely. If you’ve had a burglary or break-in, you must replace your door locks. Thieves tend to use force and tools when unlocking a lock, which could result to your lock not working properly or not working at all.

In addition, a faulty or broken lock could increase the risk of another robbery. It is very safe to assume that someone has your door keys after a break-in so don’t hesitate to change your locks to keep you safe.

Improve your security

If you think that your current locks are not that durable and reliable, consider replacing them soon. There are lots of high-quality locks to choose from. Don’t be afraid to replace your old locks with a new one, especially if you’re looking to improve your home security.

As much as possible, always keep an eye for signs that your locks require urgent replacement. You’ll be able to be at ease knowing that your locks is in good condition if you know when to replace them.