Maintaining Locks: The Proper Way

Your locks must be maintained for them to perform smoothly and perfectly. If you are looking for some ways to extend your locks lifespan, then you are in the right place. Here are some ways to maintain your locks properly. Let’s not wait any longer and tackle it below.




It is crucial to lubricate your locks at least once or twice every year in order to function properly. While locks are designed to last for many years, they can easily get jammed or broken with little to no lubrication. Your locks require lubricants as this enables them to stay in tip-top condition. You want to apply a light lubricant in both the keyhole and lock. And to achieve the best result, try to avoid picking lubricants that contain graphite.


Lock cylinders


When it comes to lubricating cylinders, it’s very important to use a lock spray. Never use grease or oil when lubricating your lock cylinders. If your locks are used on regular basis or exposed to extreme weathers, they should be lubricated more often. Applying lubricants on your lock cylinders prevents freezing and condensation, which could effectively increase the lifespan of your locks.


Lock hinges


Like your lock and cylinder, the hinges should be maintained daily. However, the need for hinges maintenance varies on your environment, weight load, and how frequent you use it. Try to inspect the hinges thoroughly and give them enough lubrication yearly.


You also want to tighten all the screws to make sure that it is securely attached. But why? Loose screws could make your door swing crookedly, which increases wear, making it much easier for thieves and intruders to break into your property.




Lock housings should be lubricated and maintained twice a year. If you’re having a hard time picking the right lubricant, consider asking a professional. But keep in mind that you shouldn’t lubricate the tumbler lock. Like the hinges, also ensure that the screws are tight and secure to prevent unnecessary wear and tear of your door and lock.


Maintaining your locks will be a lot easier and better if you follow the tips provided above. If you are having a difficult time taking care of your locks, then let these useful lock tips guide you. These will enable you to keep your locks in great shape and avoid spending too much in lock replacement.